Thursday, December 26, 2013

Choosing between alligators and rodents? Why not both, in Orlando

They were herding all the snowbirds on a plane to Florida. Instead of swimming upstream, we decided to join them. I mean, it's a leg of our journey that practically plans itself, right?

We're "few frills" in our travels, but we made room for a big expense this time - yes, we did the theme park thing. And yes, we enjoyed it.

Even with all that, our biggest win was seeing alligators on the side of the street. I think my wife is thoroughly convinced she can befriend them all and commune with them. (I think my husband secretly loves alligators just as much as I do. He's trying to play it cool.)

We're not feeling too chatty, but it's fun to share. Just look at some pics!

 Catch you in the new year. We hope it's amazing for us and you!

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