Monday, July 8, 2013

Sleepy Dose of Americana in Rhode Island

When we booked our stay in Providence, we were warned that it's a sleepy little city in the summer. We didn't mind. After all, we chose this spot on the promise of staying in a Victorian house filled with antique charm (and charming antiques). The dose of New England, which is a definite change of theme in our journeys, would only be a bonus.

We have indeed spent a quiet, sleepy month getting lots of work done. And we've really enjoyed that house, which we find every bit as unique as the link above would lead you to believe. But we haven't shirked our travel duties, either. Even in the heat.

We've taken in the local urban sites, which is not hard to do on foot in a small city like Providence. We also managed to make it out to some of the state's more picturesque spots.

Now, the "must see" attraction around here is the Newport cliff walk and mansions. I braved a six mile walk through the heat and humidity just to snap these for you:

Here are some big gates (Brown University and the Breakers):

House after house like this convinced us that nobody decorates for Independence Day like New England. And, yes, that second photo is a Center Divider of Liberty!

We get an actual vacation next week. (From this blog, that probably sounds ridiculous, but at least have pity that we've been putting in some serious job time lately. Workcation has become far more work than 'cation.) We'll be on a cruise to Canada, and then we head to our next spot from late July to late August. Where, oh where will that be?