Friday, February 22, 2013

Pineapples, geckos & honu in Kona, Hawaii (Month 1)

A whole month on the Big Island of Hawai'i? Don't mind if we do.

A block from the crystal blue waters of the Kona coast? Okay, we're sold.

So we packed up our closet and his & hers laptops for an amazing workcation. How amazing? So amazing we're inspired to start sharing our travels with you.

So far we've:

 - eaten 10 pineapples for dinner

 - snorkeled and tidepooled with 9 honu (sea turtles)

 - logged 150 miles walking and running around town (we're carless, after all)

 - fallen in love with bibingka, taro puffs, macadamia nut everything, and chirping geckos

But you're late to the party. Our days of falling asleep to the crashing waves, doing our shopping at the local farmer's market and ditching work to walk past the old archaeological sites to one of the local snorkel spots are almost over.

Don't feel too bad for us, though, because for the next month we're off to...

Work from home where home = anywhere?

Hold up, we never stopped to tell you what's up. We're a couple of remote laptop-heads virtually tethered to our weekday jobs. That word "remote" started getting bigger and bigger in our minds until we realized we could do this work from anywhere. Well, anywhere with a good wifi connection and space to work M-F 9-6 Pacific time. (Turns out we're not the first to have this thought.)

That's piece #1.

Oh, but it's expensive to travel. And complicated. Would we have to pick a place and live there a while? Sign a lease? Get visa papers?

Then we found piece #2 - a little thing called airbnb. So you're telling me that we can live anywhere for a month and pay less than we're paying in rent right now? Sign us up!

Put the pieces together, which brings us to our first anywhere: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. And we're so excited for more.

da Kona Life

Snorkeling in Kona lulls us almost as much as drifting asleep to the waves crashing against Haukalua Heiau. It makes lady J crack the same giddy smile she gets when she hears the green geckos chirping happily.

Speaking of Geckos, lady J found a struggling baby gecko and tried to nurse it to health. We found a spot he liked and food he might eat, but it ended in tears. We miss you, little guy.

Tonight we enjoy another sunset over the Kona coast from the lanai.