Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mole, architecture and kingdom animalia in San Diego (Month 3)

...San Diego!

By now, you're starting to realize that each "month" doesn't last 30 days. Some will be longer or shorter. We just keep moving along when the dates fit.

Anyways, our travels are bringing us back to Southern California for a short time, spurred on by some necessary local work tasks. But, slow travelers (constant workcationers?!) that we are, we put on our sweatshirts and pants, and we make an event out of it. (Sweatshirts? Yeah, remember that we've been acclimatized to the the Hawai'i life. Da Mainland feels downright chilly!)

What kind of event?

(1) book a place nearly equidistant from San Diego's Gaslamp (heart of downtown), Old Town (heritage & historical center) and Balboa Park (home of the Zoo). Check.

(2) Buy two season passes to the Zoo. Double check.

(3) Go out and enjoy something new every day. Check, check and check!

We've descended on this town before to visit the Zoo, Seaworld, the beach or for a cruise departure. This time, we get the chance to walk its streets and sink our teeth into the local joints.

The local joints are kicking our palates, reminding us of how long we've been away from good, homey Mexican food.

I could dunk your lawn trimmings in this sauce and they'd be amazing.

We've organically developed this travel habit of walking everywhere if we have the time, so trips of 3-5 miles on foot across town are well within our comfort zone now. That affords us the time to make an observation about San Diego - there's a range of interesting architecture.

We've passed a lot of Victorian-looking houses like this one.

Old Town has that Old West feel.

 Balboa Park is a toned-down nod to Churrigueresque Spain, its main drag lined with these kinds of buildings, fountains and corridors.

Even some of the more modern stuff catches our eye.

Don't think we shy away from the main attractions, either. Refer back to point (2) earlier ;). Lady J loves her some animal action, so she makes time to jog to the zoo nearly every day.

It's back to work so that we can keep this travel habit going. Then we're going to a hole-in-the-wall market down the street that sells a local salsa we're hooked on.