Saturday, October 26, 2013

Falling for Autumn in Vermont

...Vermont, where we ushered in the fall. (After getting used to trails and apples in our last spot, you wouldn't expect us to ditch the area right before prime season, would you?!)

Late September gave us a sprinkle of color among the maples and evergreens.

Early October came with homemade pancakes and syrup. (And apple cider. Ooh, and co-op bulk bin goodness - they have three grades of maple syrup on tap!)

We found so many sights worth remembering, and took more pictures here than any previous month. After spending hours sorting through them, these share some of the pleasant subtleties of our visit.

 Nothing was too grandiose, but truly enjoyable. Maybe it's fitting to end the month with a snapshot of fall's changes: a leaf collection gathered on a walk through the woods.

Speaking of leaves, we're finally leaving the Northeastern US. But if you'll allow us one more stop in this general region, we promise to take you further afield after that.

Keep reading to see some "timelapse" changes captured during daily runs along a local hiking trail.

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  1. Now you have to come make me breakfast! So pretty.